Thursday, November 13, 2008

HiCy Day 1 and 2

I was admitted on the 12th and had the triple lumen cathater inserted. Everything went well-however I did wake up in the middle of surgery- and when they heard me moaning in pain- I asked for more meds. Next thing I knew- surgery was done and I was on my way to my room.
I was pretty sore, but that was well controlled by vicodin throughout the day. I then started 6 hours of fluids before receiving Cytoxan around 10:30pm. With the premed coctail- I slept through most of the 2 hours and had no side effects to report. So far so good!

Mom and I woke up pretty early. Had a lovely sponge bath, then got ready for the day. My intent was to walk the corridors, but my legs were extremely stiff. Dr. Balabanov explains this is due to the cell death within the body causing transient MS symptoms. So, it will pass. I met with another MS doctor, Dr. Tawali, and she perfromed the normal tests on me to get more insight. That alone was exhausting, so my Mom granted me a nap, and we decided to hold off on walking the corridors. :)

I had a surprise visit from Kathy, a lovely lady who underwent this procedure a few months ago. I found her blog on the internet and she has been kind enough to share many inside tips that made this transition easier. I am very thankful! We spent a few hours chatting and my hope is to come out of this as well as she has. Definitely an inspiration.

It is now 10:35 (11:35 for those back home) and I am in the middle of my second Cytoxan dose. Prior to the start I had some nausea and a headache, but that was easily controlled by Ativan. What I've learned is not to suffer in silence. They have something for everything here and to speak up and take advantage of it. That's about all for now. Time to get some rest and see what tomorrow brings! Goodnight!

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