Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 11

My WBC count for today was .05! This accounts for even more leg weakness and an overall tired feeling. Needless to say, I bonded with my pillow quite a bit today :)

Nausea is still an issue, but I have learned to double dose for those special occassions. Like tonight- The girls and I ordered Chinese food and it was very yummy!

My favorite sister in law is leaving tomorrow morning to go back to RI. Another big SHOUT OUT to here for coming to visit- it was great to have her here and change the mood a bit! We had plenty of good laughs!

I also received my 2nd Neupogen shot today. The Dr still believes my WBC count for tomorrow will bottom out to .00, but then we should be seeing an upward trend.

We'll see what tomorrow brings- Goodnight to all!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tracy,
    So happy your Auntie Robin and Shannon were able to surprise you with a visit.....shows just how much you are loved!
    Pizza party and special is that!
    May tomorrow bring you new strengths!
    Our love & prayers
    Ray & Irene