Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 2 continued...

The rest of the Cytoxan infused with no problems. I did wake up in the morning with alittle nausea, I requested Ativan, and it quickly subsided. Nothing much else to report. Mom went to the apartment to shower and grab a few things. When she returns we can wash my hair and I can spend some time flat ironing and curling and all that girly stuff :) I'm sure we will get out and walk the corridors today. I have moved around the room alittle bit and think it will go well out there and boost my energy level.

On another note- Hospital food is pretty good. All different things to choose from- and being that I am not too picky- I have been eating very well! :) We also packed a ton of snacks- some comforting food from home. My favorite- Devil Dogs! haha Who says you have to loose weight when you do Chemotherapy! lol

So now that I have dedicated myself to this blog and plan to share it with the family- none of this would have been possible without my Mom. I am trully greatful beyond words for all that she has done to keep my spirits up and constantly motivate me. Not to mention she also gives a great sponge bath :) I may not say it often enough- but Thank you Mom, and I love you!

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