Saturday, November 29, 2008

Some catching up to do...

So yesterday I didn't post because I believe I was asleep by 7 (at home time). I know even Evan was up later than me... but that's ok. Rest is good- and I definitely enjoy it!

So 11/28 my WBC count was .26. Mom and I, as well as the doctors were very glad to see this jump.

Unfortunetly, I did also go for a CT scan of my chest which confirmed some negative things. I have slight pneumonia in both lungs, as well as fluid, and both are collapsed toward the bottom. It sounds worse than it is. The Dr's put me on antibiotics and were watching to see if I had another spike in fever over night- that did not happen. They also mentioned that as my WBC increase, I will have more energy and be more active and this will all heal on it's own.

So I have been sitting up alot more, giving my lungs the chance to fully expand. They also left me with this breathing apparatus, and even over the course of the day, my lungs have gotten stronger. So that should all be taken care of in no time.

11/29- Today

My WBC count for today was 2.26!!!!!! Now that is quite the jump. I received one last shot of the Neupogen stimulant, so we should continue to see large jumps over the next couple of days. My WBC must be 5.00 to be discharged. They are currently weining me off the antibiotics and it sounds like my release day will be Tuesday.

I am also off the oxygen that I was receiving. It was very minimal to begin with, but it made a huge difference. I think because I was more mobile today, my lungs are functioning better- more great news.

The only real issue now is regaining the strength in my legs. I can't walk as well as I could when I got here- and that is scary. My muscles are just so weak from not moving for those few days, I have to really work with them these next couple of days. Today, Mom and I did some stretches, and strength exercixes, but there's alot more work to be done.

Evan keeps asking if my legs are better, and unfortunetly at this point they are worse. But with hard work and perseverence, I will be sure to have improvement to show before I know it.

No one said it would be easy- But it WILL be worth it!

Good night to all- and all the comments I have received always bring a smile to my face. Thanks to family and friends for taking the time to read this blog and stay informed, and also for sending your love! I'll be home soon :)

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