Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A long awaited updated...

Sorry I have been MIA. But I'm back!!!

11/24 update:

WBC count for this day was .03. I woke up in the morning with a low grade fever. With no immune system they consider 100.5 a safe fever. However the fever escalated thoughout the day to 105 at one point. This hightened all my MS systems and even made my hands so weak I was unable to do most things- like type. They started me on broad spectrum antibiotics while they waited for the blood culture to come back so they knew exactly what they were dealing with. It ended up being a gram positive blood infection which they are now treating with an exact antibiotic. With the high fever came the worst headache ever. I tried Morphine but even that didnt help. I now use Norco to control the pain- it's a mixture of tylenol and Vicodin.

This is also the day I started my period. I have taken an injection called Lupron which is supposed to prevent it from coming- but that didnt happen. Needless to say I also needed to receive red blood cells and 2 sets of platelets. They want both of those numbers higher than usual because I am losing blood. I had an allergic reaction to the red cells so now I take Benadryl first to avoid the itcing sensation.

My Wonderful Auntie Robin went back to her family. It was so nice to have here her. I am thinking she may need to borrow my bright orange "Fall Risk" bracelet. haha. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit :)


My WBC count for this day was 0.00. Because I still was receiving red blood cells and platelets my Dr.s decided to do another blood draw to make sure they were both moving up. During the second draw my WBC was .01.

I still had a fluctuating fever throughout the day and an awful headache s0 I was basically bed bound for those 2 days. They ended up giving me some steroids to give my body a break from the fever.

I also managed to make an "appointment" with Mary the LPN so she could shave my head. My hair had started coming out and I didn't want it all over the place- that would skeeve me out. So now I have a buzz cut and the stubles and falling out as well. It took me a little while to come to terms with it and actually look in the mirror- but it's not the end of the world.


I woke up feeling pretty good today. But before I knew it I was being brought down to have an ultrasound of my stomach and liver. My stomach was hard and distended the day before, and apparently my liver enzymes were elevated, but everything came back normal. The lack of muscle relaxers in my system at that time caused my legs to constantly shake and drained all my energy. I took a nap, but my fever kept coming and going again today. So another bed bound, usless day.

I am currently receiving platelets and red blood cells because at the mid-day draw they had dropped again. And at this point my WBC count is .02. It's slowly moving in the right direction and hopefully when this infection is over with we can start to see the numbers climb alot higher.

So all in all the last 3 days have been a major setback, but it was expected at some point that I would get a fever. So fingers crossed the next few days I elevate my numbers and then I'll finally be released! :)

That's pretty much the whole re-cap. I will continue to try and post daily to avoid this in the future! Nighty Night!


  1. Good Morning Tracy
    You have such a beautiful face and bright eyes...having shaved your hair has magnified your beauty...I think you shine from the inside out. Praise and thanks to God for gracing our lives with your presence. Have no doubt from this moment on you will feel better and stronger each and every day!

    For each new morning with its light
    For rest and shelter of the night
    For health and food
    For love and friends
    For everything Thy goodness sends
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    We Love You,
    Ray & Irene
    xo xo

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    I hope your next few days get better... i was happy to see an up date...i've been checking your blog everyday...I saw your pictures of your new dew... I just wanted to let you know that Britany Spears has NOTHING on you girlfriend!!! You go girl... You are still Very beautiful:)Beth says "Hi favorite"!!! And Noah says "Hey Jill" :) My Mom wishes you the best and thinks you look GREAT!!!
    We ALL Love you,

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Evan is stuffing his face with Turkey and Lasagna, lol. My parents and my sister both say hi and hope you come home soon!! I'm glad to see that you are eating good food, come home SOON!

  4. Tracy (& Aunt Karen)
    We couldn't have been more happy to see your blog when we checked again..
    I want you to know that checking this blog is our highlight....The girls, myself and Dave are always wondering about your progress and when we get a chance to "visit you" via your blog, we always feel better!
    I am so jealous, by the way....You have THE PERFECT DO!! You know you've got something going on when even the shaved look is fantastic on you. I know I've/we've said it before, but you're our hero! We are so proud of you and encourage you to keep up the positive attitude and the strong will to fight!
    Love you very much,
    The Bourk Clan