Friday, November 21, 2008

What a day!!!

So after some minor miscalculation- I ended up starting Neupogen today. Odds are my WBC count will still drop tomorrow, but then we'll be on the upside of things and wait for the WBC to return to a safe level - 1.0- and I will be discharged. In the meantime, I can expect to develop a fever, that may not necessarily be related to infection, so they will closely monitor me and provide broad spectrum antibiotics to contain it.

On another note- I had some visitors today! SHOUT OUT's go to My Wonderful Auntie Robin and My Favorite Sister-in-Law, Shannon!! They traveled all the way here to keep me company for the next few days. We ordered some local pizza- per the advice of Mary the LPN- and it was amazing. I doubled up on my anti-nausea meds, Zofran and Ativan, and had a feast! Party in room 1026!

And although my Amazing Boyfriend, Haigaz, could not accompany those fine ladies on their journey- I must also send a SHOUT OUT to him for the gorgeous pink sapphire and diamond bracelet he sent. You're the best! Love you, babe!

That's all folks :)

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