Monday, January 12, 2009

Let me start by saying this post is long overdue! Unfortunetly there has not been too much to report.. but that has changed a bit. Here's a brief update-

On Christmas Eve I ditched the wheelchair and vowed to use the walker full time around the house. That worked out well, and my whole family was very impressed with my progess. I was able to go up and down the stairs (close to 15 or so) several times between Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Following those couple of days I began to experience and increase in spasticity in my legs. The stiffness made getting around more difficult and slowed my progress. I had decided to focus more on stretching those muscle groups throughout the day, but the relief was only temporary. Between working out at home, and with my physical therapist there seemed to be nothing we could do to get the increased tone under control.

But, low and behold, this Thursday I began to break out in an itchy yet painful rash under my right breast. It slowly spread Friday, so Saturday morning Haigaz, Evan and I were at the walk-in clinic. It was quickly confirmed that I have shingles! It has continued to spread along my stomach and around my back. I spoke to Dr. B today and he believes this disruption to my immune system over the past few weeks is why my spasticity has been out of control. So we will continue to play around with my medications, and I am confident we will figure it out.

Dr. B also assured me that increased spasticity is not a sign of a relapse- so although my progress has not been as quick as I had hoped- I have still gotten better, not worse. So I'll keep my chin up and hope for the best as I continue my road to recovery! :)