Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1 week down...

Yayyy! New changes took place today. I was finally able to take a real shower :) which felt great. The nurse changed the dressing on my incisions and they are no longer covered up by gauze- just a clear plastic covering. I was alittle surprised of the length of the incision on my neck- but I am sure it will heal nicely in time and the scar won't be as bad. A small price to pay for all the good I pray that comes from this treatment!

Today I was officically declared neutropenic. This means I am no longer able to leave my room, and those that enter must have gloves and masks. I am also no longer to eat fresh fruit or vegetables due to the possible bacteria content. I will certaintly miss my salads- but it's temporary!

My WBC count for today, 11/19, was 1.15. This will continue to fall until the 22nd when I receive Neupogen to stimulate my bone marrow to produce new cells. The lower my counts get, the more fatigue I feel throughout my body. Again, a small, and temporary, price to pay.

Nausea is still my only constant issue but between Ativan and Zofran I am keeping comfortable and even managed to eat a Devil Dog last night :)

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