Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 3 and 4

Day 3:

After the 3rd dose of Cytoxan I began to feel a highten of side effects. More nausea and the start of diarrhea. The nausea has always been controlled pretty well with Ativan, so we continued on that regimine. Unfortunetly, when diarrhea began they needed to take several samples and test it for certain bacteria before they can give you Imodium. Needless to stay I spent a good portion of time uncomfortable and in the bathroom- not much fun.

Day 4:

Diarrhea and nausea continued... but thankfully the tests for bacteria were negative and I was put on Imodium and I am feeling much better. As my numbers continue to drop, I was advised to no longer shave my legs until my platelet counts come back on the rise. So thinking ahead, I packed Veet and Mom and I had some fun getting that done today. 24 hrs after my last dose I am excited to report I will no longer be hooked up to the pole receiving fluids. That change will take place tonight at 10pm. This should certaintly allow for a more peaceful sleep- not having to get up every hour and pee :)

A few things to note- although the nausea has been well controlled by Ativan- there is a definite lose of appetite. I dread the food tray's entry into the room- I know how good it will all taste- but I am so not in the mood. Hopefully this will change soon because we have a room full of my favorite snacks that I'd love to dig in to :)

Here are the results of my blood draws since the start of Cytoxan. The main goal is to get my White Blood Cell Count down to 0- and then begin to bring it back up. Here's where I stand:

Date WBC count

11/13 7.55
11/14 10.41
11/15 7.16
11/16 4.11

As you can see, after the 1st dose there was a jump in my WBC count. This is because your body has WBC in reserve and whenever a foreign agent is introduced, your body takes those reserves and puts them to action. But... they were no match for Cytoxan. The numbers are nicely dropping and I will continue to post those results as we fall toward 0.

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  1. I am also on Day 3 of HiCy at Hopkins and wishing you all the best.