Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

First of all- Happy Thanksgiving! I was hoping to be home spending it with my family, whom I miss very much, but I must say the turkey here was pretty good. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and ate more than they should have :)

So let's recap first on a positive note- my WBC count is still going up and is now at .04. At some point over the next few days those cells will begin to rapidly divide and we will see a major change in that number. So it is just a waiting game.

I am now on a total of four IV antibiotics. My fever comes and goes throughout the day. Last night it spiked and I was having some trouble breathing, so I have been on oxygen ever since. I also began to develop a slight painful cough, which they think may be pneumonia. Not exactly what I like to hear, but it's very common being that I was bedridden for 3 days. So they did a chest x-ray, and I am scheduled for a CT in the morning. The sooner we know- the sooner they can treat it- the sooner I'll be discharged. So it's all good- I'm where I need to be and have the utmost confidence in the team of doctors that they will fix all of this ASAP. So although I've had a few breakdowns because this is so overwhelming, the nurses and Dr's assure me this is normal and I will do just fine!

On another positive note- I took a lovely shower today. And I am happy to report that all hair is beginning to fall out (I pray not my eyebrows!) which is great, because I haven't been able to shave in two weeks. It was starting to get ugly lol.

I guess that's all! Happy Thanksgiving- Gobble Gobble!


  1. Hi Brave One:
    This is Tracy's new name around here. Wishing you a great day today, free of fevers, chills ect.
    Miss you and thinking of you and mom constantly.
    Your blog is amazing. think of all the people it will help.
    Hang in there and see you soon.
    Auntie Nan, Uncle Billy, Will, Ray

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Your fellow HiCy friend here.
    We are on the same page it seems as I too had the fever and am back in on antibiotics. I feel for you and am thinking of you.