Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2 weeks :)

So it has been 2 weeks since I left Chicago and returned back home. I feel like a lot has already changed for the better. These past couple of days I have begun walking around the house and using the walker. It feels great to be up and around and not stuck in the wheelchair. I have my high and low points throughout the day and I have realized it's not about just getting from point A to point B on my feet- it's about getting there the correct way, by using the correct muscles and coordination. Obviously from my video pre-HiCy, I had not been walking the proper way. Now, post-HiCy, is the time for my body to rebuild the connections and get muscles that had not been doing their part to begin working again. During physical therapy we have incorporated several techniques to aid in this process. We are using ultrasound to loosen my heel cords so my feet and ankles are not so tight. This has already proven very effective since we started last week, and my therapist is very encouraged. Also, tomorrow we are going to begin using electrical stimulation to get my leg muscles to act the way we want them to, and hopefully assist in the process of retraining them to do those movements on their own. So basically what I'm trying to say is- physical therapy has been great!!

That's about all for now. I will post again next week :)

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  1. tracy, you are very brave going through this and i sincerely believe you'll be rewarded for it. take care of yourself!