Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1 week back home!

So it is definitely great to be home! I love the Christmas season, and I can finally take time to enjoy it. Today was my 1st official physical therapy appointment. There was alot of stretching and testing of the different leg muscles. I can remember being there a couple of years back doing PT and it blows my mind to see what a different place I am in now. I am confident I will feel that exact way in a few months when my body begins to heal itself and I get stronger. I know I will look back at the things I struggled to do, and be glad to have overcome those obstacles.

As you can see, I posted a slideshow of pictures from the hospital, as well as a video of myself "walking" just a few days before treatment began. Obviously, it doesn't look like the safest way to get around, but even getting back to that point will be a challenge, and I look forward to posting new videos as my walking improves over the next several months!

There is another website of a man, Chris, who went through this treatment and kept a blog as well. If you follow the link below you will be able to see videos of him walking before HiCy and at 1 and 3 months after treatment. Those videos are my inspiration and the reason I pursued this treatment in the first place. Take a look and keep your fingers crossed I will have the same success :)

These are the videos to check out once on his webpage:
2/29/08- the second video



  1. Hi Tracy! Congrats on being home. I'm looking forward to seeing your next video. Would you be willing to contact me since I have a question for you that I would rather not post here? Thanks!


  2. Tracy, I am so glad that you are at home enjoying the season. I am looking forward to watching your progress!

  3. Hi Tracy,

    Just watched the Chris videos - amazing. I could just picture you back up and walking on your own. I know it will be a struggle, but if anyone can do it you can. Maybe we'll enter you and Chris in a marathon someday. Keep the faith sweetie.